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Sunset Bay Golf Course


Royalty Blue

The "Play 12 games, get one free" promotion is a reward system offered by Sunset Bay Golf to encourage players to play more golf. By playing 12 games on the course, players will earn a free game, as well as becoming a Royalty Blue Member.

As a Royalty Blue Member, players will have access to exclusive events and perks organized by the club such as tournaments, social gatherings, educational opportunities, and discounts on golf-related goods and services. These events are exclusive for Blue members only, and it's a way for players to meet and connect with other members of the golf community.

Royalty Blue

Become a Royalty Blue Member.

Simply sign up here. When you pay at the register, we will send you a badge with your rewards, loyalty history and your future goals. 

How does it work?

Yes, we will continue to honor the yellow cards.

What about my yellow free game card?

Yes it does. You will use QR code or your Email to activate Royalty Blue at the register.

What if I pay in cash?  Does it still count?

Yes you can. When you sign-up, you will have the option to be a Public Member and follow other Members. This will help you become part of the Golf Community and events here at Sunset Bay Golf .

Can I see other Blue Members? 

We are a private domain, not held by a public

group. We support all activities and marketing

ourselves with our own IT department. There is No 3rd party spamming here!

How do I know this is not Spam?

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